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Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary has been called into existence for the express purpose of preparing men for the New Testament Gospel ministry. The curriculum has been structured to fulfill this purpose and the faculty is unreservedly committed to this goal. Graduates will have the necessary tools and content material to enable them to take leadership positions and to fulfill their calling adequately whether it be in the pastorate at home, establishing local churches on the mission field, or in Christian education.

The Seminary holds to a dispensational approach to the Bible and is unashamedly Baptist. We strongly affirm the sovereignty of God in salvation, but we are also deeply committed to the cause of evangelism and missions. The faculty together affirm young-earth creationism and the cessation of revelatory gifts for the present age, and are premillennial and pretribulational in their eschatology. The school remains faithful to the historic fundamentals of the Christian faith and extends warm fellowship to those who hold those same truths.

The educational philosophy of the Seminary stems from the authoritative, inerrant Word of God. Therefore, the learning process pivots around a professor-centered classroom situation and the direct presentation of truth. The School has earned a good reputation for its no-nonsense academics because the teachers are exacting in their scholastic demands on students; Bible truth dare not be handled in a smorgasbord, slovenly manner. There is a strong emphasis on learning the original biblical languages followed by exegesis and Bible exposition courses, all of which are coordinated in a coherent, unified network of systematic theology. This is accompanied all the while by courses in expository preaching, church history, Baptist history, pastoral theology, and church administration. These academic demands and educational emphases will not be diminished in an effort simply to attract students or shorten the time of preparation. Students looking for an "easy" seminary do not knowingly apply to DBTS.

The scholastic side of seminary life is not at the expense of heart preparation for the ministry. A genuine desire to preach and a tender-hearted concern for the souls of men are fostered as best as is known how. A weekly ministry in a local church is required of all students. The practical, pastoral side of the Lord's work is emphasized in the classroom as well as the academic. Not neglected is one's personal relationship of obedience to God through the Scriptures. While rejecting various forms of pietism and mysticism, the Seminary nonetheless attempts to nurture the inner man and enhance the maturing process that any correct exposure to the Word of God will bring.

With such distinctives and philosophy the Seminary puts forth a product that will meet the need for well-trained and qualified workers in the Lord’s harvest field. Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary pledges uncompromising loyalty to the Scriptures and remains totally committed to the thorough equipping of men called of God into today’s and tomorrow’s ministry.


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