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Admissions | Visiting the Seminary

We offer three excellent programs throughout the year to assist prospective students in gaining first-hand knowledge about DBTS. We would love for you to visit with us for Test Drive, MACP, or Seminary Days. Of course, students are welcome to visit DBTS at any time of the year. Please contact us in advance of your visit. That way we can adjust our schedule to spend extra time with you and make sure you are able to get into all the classes you want to visit.

The "Test Drive" Program

The Seminary provides a tuition-free summer school course to prospective students who are sincerely and genuinely considering DBTS. It is designed to acquaint them with the Seminary’s faculty, student body, and campus. It is open to students considering either the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or Master of Theology (Th.M.) programs.

Class Schedule:
Click here to see a copy of the current DBTS summer school schedule, available in January each year.

Basic Details:
  1. This is a two semester-hour Summer School course which is taken for credit. It can be chosen from the following areas: Bible exposition, systematic theology, pastoral theology, or historical theology. An original language course may or may not be suitable, depending on the student’s proficiency in the language. Consult with the professor if interested in this option.
  2. The program is open to those who are in their junior or senior year in college during the academic year preceding the summer school session, or to college graduates seriously considering DBTS.
  3. A Test Drive may also be available to qualified degree-seeking local prospects during the fall or spring semester (e.g. Monday evening class).
  4. Summer school courses are two weeks in length. Classes meet from 8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. each morning, Tuesday through Friday. Three sessions are held, generally meeting the last half of May, the first half of June and the last half of June.
  5. Course work generally consists of attending lectures, taking examinations, and completing reading assignments. Term papers are also required for some courses. Reading and papers are generally due later in the summer.
  6. Application as a new student must be made and the Seminary must approve the application, as with any student entering the school. The application fee is $35.00.
  7. No tuition, library, or student fees will be charged for the course. Textbook and syllabus costs, which are kept to a necessary minimum, will be paid by the student.
  8. Housing and breakfast will be provided free of charge to the student. Other meals will be at the student’s expense, unless invited to lunch and dinner by students, staff, or church members.
  9. Transportation to and from Allen Park, MI will be the responsibility of the student, though the staff will be happy to help coordinate rides with other students or to arrange for complimentary airport pick-up.
  10. The credit earned will be applied to the student’s transcript at DBTS after his seminary application is officially completed, which includes the receipt of a final transcript stating that the student has received his bachelor’s degree. The credit can also be transferred to another graduate institution, if so desired, after receipt of a final transcript for his bachelor's degree.
  11. Call the Seminary for more information concerning the courses being offered. The specific class schedule will be available each year around the beginning of second semester (late January).

Mid-America Conference on Preaching

The M.A.C.P. is offered each fall on a Thursday-Friday during the third week of October. Since 1991, several hundred preachers from around the country have gathered each year to be challenged by the excellent speakers brought in to join the faculty of DBTS. We also have a large group of college students attend each year. College students who sign up in advance through the staff representative on their campus are allowed to attend MACP free of charge! There is no cost for registration, conference notebook, housing, transportation (in most cases), or meals. The only expense the student must cover is meals while traveling. If your school does not have an appointed staff representative then be sure to contact DBTS directly in advance. The e-mail address to use is

Each year the conference focuses on a special theme relating to the task of preaching. The workshop sessions and general sessions center on this theme and also address broader issues about preaching and church ministry. Examples of past conference themes are shown here.
  • 2014 "Striving Together for the Faith of the Gospel"
  • 2012 "The Mystery of Christ: God's Glory among the Gentiles"
  • 2011 "Church Planting & Renewal"
  • 2010 "Church, Kingdom, Mission: Understanding and Assessing the Missional Church Movement"
  • 2009 "Gospel-Driven Separation"
  • 2008 "Culture, Contextualization, and the Church"
  • 2007 "Learning from the Past, Pressing toward the Future"
  • 2006 "Worthy of Double Honor: Feeding and Leading God’s Flock"
  • 2005 "Guarding the Gospel"
  • 2004 "Church Growth that Glorifies God"
  • 2003 "The Ministry of the Holy Spirit"
  • 2002 "The Sovereignty of God and the Spread of the Gospel"
  • 2001 "Fundamentalism at the Start of the 21st Century"
  • 2000 "Accurately Handling the Word of Truth"
  • 1999 "Feeding and Leading God's People into the 21st Century"
  • 1998 "Reflections on Revival"
  • 1997 "The Ministry of the Word and Prayer"
  • 1996 (Fall) "Do the Work of an Evangelist"
  • 1996 (Spring) "Building Strong Families Through the Word of God"
For a complete look at MACP, including resources available from past years, click here.

Seminary Days

The DBTS Seminary Days program is designed to assist students in obtaining personal exposure to the faculty, facilities, and students of the seminary. It provides opportunity to attend classes and chapel, enjoy personal fellowship with the faculty and student body, visit recreational and cultural sites in the Detroit area, and attend services at Inter-City Baptist Church. Other opportunities to visit DBTS include the Mid-America Conference on Preaching and our summer school Test Drive program. DBTS is conveniently located just 15 minutes from the Detroit airport (DTW).
Schedule of Events

Afternoon/evening - travel; dinner or refreshments at housing location

Morning - attend classes and chapel
Afternoon - Lunch with the faculty and students; “Round-Table” discussion; tour of church and schools
Evening - dinner with faculty, staff, students

Morning - attend classes
Afternoon - lunch with faculty and students; set up meetings with individual professors
Evening - dinner with faculty, staff, students; recreational activity

Saturday (Optional Extension)
Morning-afternoon - Group activities (local recreational and cultural opportunities); Vision Tour (WSU campus, urban and Arab ministry opportunities, and downtown Detroit, plus housing & employment options)
Evening - dinner; free time

Sunday(Optional Extension)
Morning - Attend SS/AM worship at Inter-City Baptist Church
Afternoon - Dinner out; drop off at airport

Financial Arrangements

A registration deposit of $50 per person is required by the stated deadline. The deposit fee will be waived for those traveling by car. No airline ticket will be purchased without receipt of the registration deposit. This registration deposit is non-refundable once the airline ticket has been purchased. DBTS will cover all other expenses related to transportation, housing, meals, and activities. DBTS will not be liable for airline transportation purchased independently of the registration process. Reimbursement will be available on an actual expense basis for those electing to drive their personal vehicle to Seminary Days.

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