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Current Students
"The depth of my wonder and appreciation of God has expanded greatly in my time at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. The professors at DBTS have not only stirred my spiritual progress through careful explanation of theology, but also by modeling continued reverence for the One about whom we study. "

"Due to my undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, I am often asked why I went on to study at seminary. DBTS has revealed a need to think more deeply about, examine more carefully, and live more precisely the Word of God. The fruit of this revelation is already being made evident in personal relationships and service in the local church. "

Josh Scally (M.Div., 2012)

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"I’m very grateful for the solid and practical training I was able to receive at DBTS. I was privileged to be able to attend seminary while working with a ministry at an urban university, which enabled me to immediately implement the instruction I received in areas such as hermeneutics, homiletics, theology, exegesis, and apologetics. On numerous occasions I found myself discussing an issue with someone at the university that had just been addressed in class at the seminary. Recently, another local Christian worker shared with me how thankful he was that the DBTS grads he interacted with were not only serious about their theology but were also able to minister to all kinds of people in a down-to-earth manner. I believe that is an indication of a quality seminary education—one which I’m thankful DBTS provides."

Ben Edwards (M.Div., 2011)

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"I am convinced that there is no substitute for solid seminary training. Since theology and ministry are such vast subjects and the God we serve is so holy, preparation for ministry requires a great commitment. Each year that I take in preparation for ministry reminds me that my own effort with respect to this commitment doesn’t matter as much as God’s effort to change me. This is why I like being here. I know that I will be challenged to reach beyond myself. More importantly, I know that this challenge is driven by the faculty’s commitment to the fundamentals of the faith. I also realize that my training could not be as rich as it is without my experience in a church that is so obviously committed to the great commission and training men for the ministry."

Matt Gass (M.Div., 2009)

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DBTS Alumni Testimonials

"I praise the Lord that he led me to attend seminary at DBTS. There were a number of good schools available for me to choose from, and I am so thankful that God directed my path to this one. A few outstanding qualities about the school and its faculty made my choice an easy one. First, I was impressed with the gracious and honest attitude of the faculty when taking a postion on difficult issues. Their godly character and professional competence are a considerable strength of this school. Second, I was pleased to see that the seminary made academic excellence a priority in the classroom instruction and in the academics required of students. Finally, my initial impression of the school was that it made ministry in the local church the purpose for the classroom training. My time at the school has served only to confirm that impression. Academics at DBTS serve the purpose of enhancing the abilities and character of its students so that their local church ministry is thoroughly biblical it its outward practice and its underlying philosophy."

Kevin Sherman (M.Div., 2009; Th.M., 2011)

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“When I was searching for a seminary in which to prepare for the Lord's work several years ago, I learned that many seminaries no longer hold to the doctrinal position they once did. I was thankful to find Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary because it still offered the sound, conservative theology which I understood to be taught in the Scriptures. At orientation the seminary's distinctives were clearly laid out. It is a Christian, fundamentalist, separatist, Baptist, dispensationalist school, that holds clearly to the sovereignty of God. That clear statement is a great help to guide prospective students.

I have appreciated the consistent way that theology, hermeneutics, language study, and exegesis are integrated to help the student do proper homiletics and practical ministry. English Bible and historical theology courses round out the curriculum to provide a solid foundation for one going into pastoral or missionary work. The level of academic rigor is excellent at DBTS, which I appreciated since I came from an engineering and research background. The financial support poured into the seminary by the Inter-City Baptist Church helps to make it very affordable compared to other schools. I'm thankful for the church as well for the school and the men that labor there to impart the knowledge of the truth of the gospel.”

Matt Postiff (M.Div., 2005; Th.M., 2010)
Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church—Ann Arbor, MI

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“I came to Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary because of its reputation in two areas: academic rigor and thoroughly Scriptural theology. I have not been disappointed. I now realize that I did not even understand how deep and rich those two areas could be. All of my classes have honed my Biblical worldview so that I may understand clearly and communicate incisively the glorious message of the Scriptures. The Seminary has far exceeded my high expectations. When I leave I can expect to be amply prepared for the next step in theological training and ministry.”

Jeremy Pittsley (M.Div., 2006; Th.M., 2008)
Missionary to Kenya under Grace Baptist Mission

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“While serving the Lord in foreign missions and as an assistant pastor, I often noticed areas of deficiency in my ministry. I knew what I believed, but I sensed the need to systematize my theology and confirm my beliefs. After examining several seminaries, theologically, DBTS seemed the most biblically consistent. Intellectually and practically DBTS has helped equip me with stronger ministry tools than I ever imagined. At DBTS there is a tremendous harmony between tough academics and the practical application of them in ministry. There is a strong focus on theology and biblical languages, which is refined in the study of Homiletics (the course which ties everything together). With one year to graduation, I feel that many of my previous ministry “deficiencies” have become actual strengths. I am very thankful to God and give him the glory for leading me to DBTS and for the godly staff which he has placed here. These men have been very influential in my life.”

Philip Elie (M.Div., 2007)
Church Plant Assistant, Crossway Baptist Church – Bakersfield, CA

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“DBTS is a bastion of Historical, Orthodox, Biblical Christianity. Why is it such a stronghold for the faith? God has placed Christ-like conviction in the hearts of those who labor there. Dr. Doran is surrounded with noble men much like David in Psalm 101. I came to Detroit because of their theology, not just doctrinal presuppositions but basic moral implications essential to the gospel. I have not been disappointed.”

Adam Taubert (M.Div., 2006)
Pastor, First Baptist Church – Hoopeston, IL

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“I thank God for DBTS and its profound influence in my life and ministry. Having received excellent undergraduate training, and even an M.A., I was still deficient in my systematic theology and expositional use of the biblical languages. DBTS more than made up for those deficiencies. The professors are absolutely outstanding. They know their subjects very well and humbly work with the students. I know of no finer seminary anywhere and give DBTS my highest recommendation.”

Mike Harding (M.Div., 1998; Th.M., 2010)
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church – Troy, MI

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Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary strengthened my faith by building underneath it a framework of systematic theology coupled with study in the original languages and church history. In fact, I was much relieved to hear my own pastor of 20 plus years state that if he were going to seminary today he would go to Detroit. I can not tell you the debt of gratitude I owe to the professors at Detroit who have committed their lives to the study of the Word and the preparation of men for the ministry. Their academic acumen coupled with their plain love for God has been an example that I can not soon forget.

Inter-City Baptist Church kept the tuition affordable for students like me with families. The strong local church commitment also enabled me to see the theory of classroom discussion put into practice within the framework of the local church. I praise God for Inter-City Baptist Church.

Kent Hobi (M.Div., 2001)
Assistant Pastor, Grace Church of Mentor, Ohio

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“As a church planter in Ohio, I am indebted to the biblical training I received at DBTS. I don’t recall going through one week as a pastor without getting out my old class notes. My time of directed theological study at DBTS helped to greatly increase my faith in the sufficiency of God’s Word. The classes at DBTS changed me from a fearful and confused college grad into an obedient and equipped servant of God. I praise the Lord for how he used DBTS in my life and training.”

Pastor Dave Saxton (M.Div., 2001)
Church Planter, Berean Bible Church – Akron, OH

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“More than any other source, God has used DBTS to impact my thinking and to shape my ministry. Seminary has prepared me exegetically and theologically to serve as a pastor. Although I attended Bible college, I realized that my undergraduate training did not lay a theological foundation to guide my ministry. Seminary has deepened my love for the Scriptures and strengthened my commitment to preach and teach the Word. In a day when pragmatism permeates the ministry, I am thankful for a seminary that has grounded me in the timeless truths and unchanging principles of Scripture.”

Nathan Young (M.Div., 2002)
Missionary to Scotland

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“I was born in the state of Kerala in South India. After attending Bible college in India I served for six years in church planting with my father-in-law, Pastor Mathew Thomas, a missionary of Baptist World Mission. When I came to the United States I searched for a seminary that would equip me for the Lord’s work. Because of the seminary’s commitment to preparing men for the gospel ministry, DBTS was highly recommended to me by my pastor, alumni and other men in the gospel ministry. I appreciate the school’s uncompromising loyalty to the Scriptures and its position as a Fundamentalist, separatist seminary. In my three years in the seminary, I appreciated the strong emphasis on the original biblical languages, exegesis, and exposition, correlated through a network of systematic theology. I have learned so much, and I believe that my seminary studies have given me a strong foundation for my life long preparation in the mission field. Although it required hard work and much sacrifice, I thank the Lord for DBTS and the training I received. I plan to return to India with my family, Lord willing, to continue the church-planting work under Baptist World Mission.”

Santhosh M. K. George (M.Div., 2002)
Missionary Church Planter, Bible Institute - India

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“My years at DBTS are firmly fixed in my mind as foundational to my life and ministry. I came to seminary as a 22 year-old, fresh out of college with a degree in accounting. I had no training in Greek at all. One of the great blessings of studying at DBTS is the atmosphere of preachers and ministry in general. Both the faculty and student body are comprised of men called to the gospel ministry who share such common goals and desires for their lives. The academics of DBTS are outstanding. I continue to reap the benefits of extensive theological training that enable me to maintain a busy ministry schedule. Our family came to Hawaii and for the first seven years here I worked a full-time job in the secular work place (tentmaking). I could not have successfully planted Kahua Baptist Church if it had not been for the thorough theological background I received at DBTS. DBTS is my choice for seminary training today!”

Pastor Lester Lippincott, III (M.Div., 1988; Th.M., 1990)
Church Planter, Kahua Baptist Church – Kapolei, Hawaii

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“The Master of Divinity program at DBTS was a significant part of my preparation for church planting in the US. I am especially pleased with the thoroughgoing exegetical and homiletical work that built on the groundwork laid in the original languages. The systematic theology studies helped to “tie it all together” as I defend the doctrines of our faith. Equally refreshing is that DBTS faithfully teaches both the biblical doctrine of God’s sovereignty in salvation and the necessity of Christians to spread the Gospel obediently.”

Pastor Sam Hendrickson (M.Div., 2003)
Church planter, Westside Baptist Church—Georgetown Twp., MI

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“Making the decision to attend Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary was a difficult one. At the time I was ministering in a church as a full-time associate pastor where I had been for three years. I was married with a brand new daughter. I was comfortable. But I knew that I was not sufficiently prepared to minister the Scriptures to God's people. I believed that I needed a seminary education to give me that preparation. After studying at DBTS for 3 years, I am even more convinced of that. Studying at DBTS has honed my ability to think biblically, exegetically, and theologically. The interaction with professors and peers develops and trains a preacher more thoroughly than personal reading alone can. Seminary has the ability to arrange biblical truth into a cohesive whole like nothing else can. Before I came to DBTS I investigated other seminaries, and when I made the choice to go to DBTS I believed I was making the best decision that I could. Three years of study at this seminary have confirmed the wisdom of that decision. I unreservedly recommend Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary as an excellent place to prepare for pastoral ministry.”

Cameron Jungels (M.Div., 2003)
Former pastor; current Ph.D. student

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