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Can I submit an application to DBTS on-line?
At the present time you cannot submit an application on-line. However, you can download an application from this website. After filling it out, you may submit it in person, by email, by fax, or through the postal service. Some of the application forms (i.e. personal references and transcript request) must be mailed to a third party for processing. You can interact with the seminary administration via e-mail at The seminary also has a toll-free telephone number, (800) 866-0111. 

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary
4801 Allen Road
Allen Park, MI 48101
Ph: (313) 381-0111
Fax: (313) 381-0798

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I have a few questions on certain areas of doctrine. Must I be in complete agreement with the full DBTS doctrinal statement in order to enroll as a student?

The Seminary Statement of Faith is a fairly comprehensive summary of what will be taught in the classroom at DBTS. It represents the stated goal for doctrinal understanding by our students and graduates. It is also the standard to which all seminary faculty and staff must agree. However, the Seminary Creed is the standard which must be affirmed in order to enroll as a student. All students must affirm their agreement with the Seminary Creed each time they register for classes. A fuller explanation of the distinct purposes for the Statement of Faith and Creed is available for viewing.

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I am very interested in DBTS but I am just not sure yet if it is the seminary for me. Is there any way I can get a clearer picture of what DBTS stands for and the kind of ministry preparation I would obtain there?

Yes! We offer three excellent programs to assist prospective students in gaining first hand knowledge about DBTS. Our "Test Drive" program is offered during summer school (May-June). The Mid-America Conference on Preaching is held each October. Seminary Days is held each spring (March/April). Of course, students are welcome to visit DBTS at any time of the year. Please contact us in advance of your visit. That way we can adjust our schedule to spend extra time with you and make sure you are able to get into all the classes you want to visit.

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I have been told that a Bible college education is more than sufficient preparation for serving the Lord in vocational ministry. Why do you feel so strongly about ministers, missionaries and evangelists all obtaining a seminary education?

Many people fear that investing time in a seminary education is a waste of one's life because souls are dying all around the world. Others feel that it is dangerous because it will rob a person of real zeal for the Lord, turning one into a spiritual skeleton (thus the derisive name, "cemetery" instead of seminary). Actually, a seminary, by definition, is a place of seed planting. It is a time in a young minister's life when foundational truths are planted, watered and cultivated to deepen his understanding of God's rich truth in the Word. It is also a time when his values are shaped, his skills sharpened, and his character formed to live and serve in light of that great truth about God. Here are several basic reasons why a young man should consider seminary preparation for the ministry, regardless of whether his plans are to serve as a youth pastor, senior pastor, missionary, evangelist or professor. A good seminary education is invaluable.
  • It will add a whole new dimension in the overall fund of Bible knowledge which is necessary for a balanced ministry in the demanding day in which we live.
  • It will help to develop a deeper level of maturity in several key areas: social maturity, mental maturity, and spiritual maturity.
  • It will give you the integrated understanding of the whole counsel of God needed to handle the many complex issues facing believers, and especially ministers, in our culture. This includes matters of theology, philosophy of ministry, ethics, and personal and ecclesiastical separation.
  • At DBTS you will also receive a seminary education that grounds you in careful teaching on Baptist history, Baptist polity and historic Baptist distinctives - all without apology.

  • You will have many years, Lord willing, to carry out the responsibilities of your God-given ministry. Now is the time to take full advantage of the opportunity to prepare. Don't sell yourself or the ministry short. Rare is the man who has a better opportunity than in "the days of his youth" to pursue a seminary education. For a more detailed treatment on this subject you can consult,"Why Go To Seminary," written by Dr. Rolland D. McCune.

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    Is enrollment open only to those training for vocational ministry?

    The Master of Divinity and Certificate programs are also open to a limited number of qualified, non-degree seeking students who are interested in personal and ministry development other than vocational ministry. 

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    Is previous ministerial training required for enrollment?

    We do require a recognized Bachelors degree as a prerequisite for enrollment in our Master of Divinity program. However, that degree may be in any legitimate field of study.

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    Is enrollment open only to male students?

    Due to the requirement to complete the Homiletics (preaching) and pastoral theology programs prior to graduation, and believing that God has ordained men to provide the spiritual leadership of the church in the preaching/pastoral function, the seminary does not graduate female students. However, the seminary does recognize the strategic role and the personal commitment of many godly women and therefore admits female students who wish to take coursework (either for credit or audit) for personal enrichment or vocational development. Credits earned by female students at DBTS may be transferred into degree programs at other institutions.

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    Is there a strict cut-off date for submitting application forms for enrollment?

    We are not currently bumping up against enrollment caps, so we are able to take summer applications. You would want to get that process started as early as possible, though. You would need to have at least a provisional acceptance in place prior to the start of school. Minor loose ends can be completed after classes start.

    Some of the key dates for the start of the school year are included below. When an individual arrives for New Student Orientation he will be provided with a complete calendar for the school year. Most of the dates are also located near the front of the DBTS catalog and here on our website. Here are the key dates near the beginning of the fall semester.

  • Convocation Dinner (Monday evening before classes begin)
  • New Student Orientation & Registration (Tuesday morning before classes begin)
  • First Day of Classes (Thursday, usually the final full week of August)

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    How much will it cost me to attend DBTS?

    The cost to attend DBTS is remarkably low. Check out our tuition and fees schedule. You can also compare other seminaries for tuition and fee levels. This has nothing to do with a lower quality of education! There are two main reasons we can do this. First, we are a local church based seminary. Our sponsoring church, Inter-City Baptist Church, has demonstrated an incredible financial commitment to the seminary over the years. As a result, every student receives an unwritten scholarship. It is just written into the lower tuition level. The second reason we can keep prices so low is because of our limited overhead. Since we do not operate a college we do not need to maintain dormitories, ball fields or a cafeteria. Many other services are shared with our church, such as maintenance and business office. All this adds up for a significant savings for the seminary students.

    Click here to view more information on specific scholarships available for DBTS students.

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    After hearing the name of your seminary I am a little confused about its location. Where exactly is DBTS located?

    The name of our seminary is Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. The name of our sponsoring church is Inter-City Baptist Church. The combination of those names sometimes makes people think we are located in inner-city Detroit. The truth is that DBTS is located in the beautiful downriver suburban community of Allen Park, Michigan. Detroit is used in our name simply because it gives a quickly recognizable description of the region in which we are located. Allen Park is located on the south side of the metro Detroit region in the downriver district. The name of our church is INTER-City Baptist Church, not INNER-City. That designation was established over fifty years ago. At that time the church relocated from the city of Melvindale to allow for a new facility to be built here in Allen Park.

    For those trying to find Allen Park on the map, here is a little help. There are three major expressways that flow through Allen Park in convenient proximity to the seminary. If you look on the southwest side of Detroit for the convergence of M-39 (Southfield Freeway), Interstate 75 and Interstate 94 then you will be very close.

    For written directions to DBTS from all areas of metro Detroit, click here.
    For a map of the local area, click here.

    For a map of the region (SE Michigan), click here.

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