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  • Church attendance
  • Employment opportunities
  • Housing availability
  • Dress code for classes, chapel
  • Opportunities for student wives

    Are all DBTS students required to attend Inter-City Baptist Church?

    Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary is a ministry of Inter-City Baptist Church in Allen Park, Michigan. For those who already attend a good fundamental church in the area, we encourage them to use all they learn here in the ministry of their own local church. However, for those who are relocating to the area we encourage them to join the ministry of Inter-City Baptist Church. Membership in a fundamental, Bible believing local church is required. Attendance at Inter-City Baptist Church is not required, but students are strongly encouraged to give it serious consideration. Please take some time to visit the ICBC website. This is valuable for understanding the foundation and heritage of DBTS even if one does not attend ICBC. You are encouraged to contact the seminary office or the church office if you have any questions about the ministry of Inter-City Baptist Church.

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    Will I be able to find employment in the area?

    Allen Park is located in the downriver area of Metro Detroit. This is a strong and diverse economic market. Many good jobs are available. While we do not guarantee students employment, or promise them a certain wage level, we have found that all of our willing students have been able to find employment situations to meet their financial and scheduling needs. Representative employment includes United Parcel Service, security guards, construction and trades work, painting, teaching positions, office work, etc. Some of our students have even started their own small business. Many of our single students find part-time employment sufficient. The situation for our married students varies widely depending on the wife's employment situation and whether they have children. Many good job hunting resources are available. For more information, contact the seminary office.

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    Does DBTS provide on-campus housing for students?

    Since the majority of our students are married we do not maintain on-campus housing. Further, many of our students commute from areas throughout Southeast Michigan. However, there are a number of affordable housing options available in the surrounding community. The seminary maintains a list of recommended housing options, including some very good leads through current student contacts or members of Inter-City Baptist Church. Many other good leads can be found by consulting local newspapers or community bulletin boards. For more information contact the seminary office.

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    Does DBTS have a dress code for seminary classes and chapel?

    Dress and Appearance
    In keeping with its mission to prepare men for NT ministry, the seminary has established standards of dress and appearance based on the following principles: (1) leadership example—a pastor is to set a high standard that honors the dignity and importance of his ministry; (2) propriety—we should meet and exceed the prevailing customs of the secular and church culture; and (3) testimony—we want the atmosphere and appearance of the seminary to reinforce our commitment to the seriousness of ministry preparation and the excellence with which we should serve the Lord. While styles are continually changing, student dress and appearance should reflect the character of the seminary’s commitment to biblical, separatist fundamentalism. Specifically, during class and chapel times, male students are required to wear dress shoes, dress slacks, and collared shirt (i.e. business casual). Hairstyles should be conservative, short, and neatly groomed. Beards and mustaches are permitted if kept short and neatly trimmed. Female students should dress modestly with skirts or dresses coming at least to the knee, or business casual slacks. Dress code during summer school is also business casual.

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    I know DBTS will be a great place for me to go to seminary.  But since I am married, what opportunities will be available for my wife?

    There are many opportunities available to the wives of seminary students in the areas of education, fellowship and service.  We will list a number of those opportunities for you here. 

    There are a number of ways that a woman can expand her educational training while her husband is a student here at DBTS.

    • DBTS classes -If the husband is a full-time student (12 credit hours or more per semester) then the wife may attend seminary classes for credit, free of charge. If the husband is a part-time student, then the wife may attend seminary classes for credit at one-half the normal tuition rate. All student wives, whether the husband is a full-time or part-time student, may audit classes free of charge.  
    • Bible Institute -Wives may also enroll in the Inter-City Baptist Bible Institute. Classes are taught on Monday evenings by DBTS faculty and ICBC staff.  
    • Seminary Wives Institute - SWI is held on Monday evenings during the school year. Childcare is provided. Besides the wonderful time of fellowship, the ladies are challenged by mature and experienced ministry wives. The mission statement of SWI is “Preparing women to be suitable helpers to their husbands, both in the home and in the local church, by providing biblical instruction and practical experience in an encouraging and mentoring environment.” A full color brochure is available upon request by mail or email. Instruction in the two year program is broken down as follows:

      SWI 101             Pursuing Excellence in My Personal Life
      SWI 102             Pursuing Excellence in My Home
      SWI 201 & 202    Pursuing Excellence in My Service
    • Mid-America Conference on Preaching - Each fall the seminary sponsors the Mid-America Conference on Preaching which is hosted by Inter-City Baptist Church.  Students and their wives are able to attend the MACP free of charge.  During this two-day conference special women's workshops are planned during the morning hours.  Free babysitting is also provided at those times.  Student wives are free to attend any of the other workshops as well during the afternoon.

    There are a number of different fellowship opportunities available throughout the year.

    • Seminary Wives Institute - The SWI meeting provides a natural setting for the ladies to interact with each other and with the wives of the faculty-staff.  Most seminary wives look at this as a real bright spot in a busy schedule.  It is especially nice for the ladies who work during the day or who live outside the immediate area.  They are able to fellowship with women whom they might not otherwise be able to meet at all.
    • Convocation Dinner - This annual event is held in the evening just before the start of classes.  It is a wonderful time for all the families to get together for a delicious meal, personal interaction with new and returning students and their wives, along with a practical challenge from God’s Word.

    There are a number of different service opportunities available throughout the year.

    • Seminary Wives Institute - The SWI ministry allows significant opportunity for service in terms of personal mentoring and practical leadership involvement with the other student wives. There are many other opportunities to help in preparation for meetings, banquets or special projects. 
    • Local church - Students and their wives are strongly encouraged to make their own local church the center of their ministry efforts and social interaction.  At Inter-City Baptist Church there are abundant opportunities for individual involvement, such as vocal and instrumental music, visitation, Sunday School, Children's Church, AWANA, teen ministry, nursery and much more.  In many cases, a student and his wife may even be able to serve right alongside each other in ministry.

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