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    There are a lot of seminaries out there to choose from. What sets DBTS apart from the others?

    There are several important distinctives which set DBTS apart from other seminaries, even some that could be classified as conservative. A simple summary is listed here. DBTS is:
  • Baptist in heritage
  • Fundamental in position
  • Dispensational in approach
  • Local church in ideology
  • In addition, DBTS places a strong emphasis on expository preaching, systematic theology (not just biblical theology), and the use of the original biblical languages. For additional information on our position as a fundamentalist institution it would be helpful to consult "An Inside Look at Ecclesiastical Separation," written by Dr. Rolland D. McCune. It would also be helpful to review material presented at MACP in past years. Examples would include: MACP 2009, “Gospel-Driven Separation” and MACP 2001, "Fundamentalism at the Start of the 21st Century.”

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    What is the seminary’s position on the King James Version?

    Doctrinal Statements
    Although our seminary has not written a book dealing with the translation issue, we have published a clear statement regarding our position on the doctrines of inspiration and inerrancy. This statement is located on our website under Media Resources. A broader statement on the doctrine of Bibliology is included in the seminary's Statement of Faith.

    Recommended Books
    There are a number of books that we can recommend, though the list has been kept brief. You may also want to reference the seminary's recommended book list concerning the doctrine of Bibliology.
    1. White, James R. The King James-Only Controversy. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany Book House, 1995. This is probably the best overview and synopsis of the issue in one volume.
    2. Carson, D. A. The King James Version Debate. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1979. Carson offers a more technical analysis of the textual issues behind the debate.
    3. Williams, James B. and Shaylor, Randolph, editors. From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man: A Layman's Guide to How We Got Our Bible. Greenville, SC: Ambassador-Emerald International, 1999.
    4. Williams, James B. and Shaylor, Randolph, editors. God’s Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved for Us. Greenville, SC: Ambassador-Emerald International, 2003.
    5. Beacham, Roy E. and Kevin T. Bauder. One Bible Only? Examining the Exclusive Claims for the King James Bible. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Books, 2001.
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