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    The Rolland D. McCune Scholarship is designed to encourage men with financial needs who are pursuing seminary training for vocational ministry. The name of this scholarship reflects the desire of the DBTS Alumni Association to honor the faithfulness and influence of Dr. Rolland D. McCune. Only active members of the Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary Alumni Association will be able to submit recommendations for men to be considered as scholarship recipients.


    Each candidate for the Rolland D. McCune Scholar ship must meet the following criteria:
    1. He must be an active member of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, or a like-minded separatist congregation that is in agreement with the doctrinal statement of DBTS.
    2. He must be preparing for full-time vocational ministry. He may be either a part-time or full-time student.
    3. If a current student, he must submit his pre-registration packet for the coming semester by the date established by the Registrar. However, in the case of a first year student, he would need to make application to DBTS prior to the scholarship nomination deadline for his semester of enrollment.
    4. He must be recommended by an active member of the Alumni Association, in addition to the pastor of the studentís church.
    5. He must have a legitimate financial need for assistance, as attested to by his pastoral sponsor on the recommendation form.
    6. He must maintain a godly testimony and adhere to the doctrinal statement and student policies of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in both word and conduct. This is true at the time of application and throughout the award period.
    7. He must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale to be eligible for distribution of funds already awarded or to be eligible for consideration of future awards.

    Award Determination

    The Executive Committee will meet twice each year to make decisions for the scholarship fund. Scholarship nominations must be submitted to the Alumni Office by the appropriate deadlines in order to receive official considerationóDecember 1st for spring awards; April 1st for fall awards. The Executive Committee will review all recommendations and award or refuse scholarships based on the qualifications and financial need of the applicants and availability of funds. All recommendations made by the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association are subject to final approval by the President of DBTS. The scholarship will be paid directly to the Seminary at the beginning of each semester.

    Recommendation of Students

    Click here to download a scholarship recommendation form.

    Recommendation forms may also be obtained by contacting the seminary in writing, by phone, or by e-mail ( Recommendations must be made in writing and will be received each year as follows:

    Fall semester awards between February 1 and April 1
    Spring semester awards between October 1 and December 1

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